Why Is My Internet So Slow? Latest Guide to Speedup it

The Pressing Question For Internet Users – Why is my internet so slow?

The question that most web users are asking today is, ‘Why is my internet so slow?’ There are so many reasons that can actually contribute to it. There could be an issue with your router, Wi-Fi signal, the cable line, or there might be other devices that are eating up the bandwidth.

Find Out If There Are Issues With Other Websites

You can get an internet speed test. That is one of the best ways to find out the reason behind your slow internet connection. Try to connect multiple websites and see if the same thing happens. Moreover, you can connect routers and other devices as well. If one of the websites shows low speed, then that website is probably at fault. So, if this is the case, you cannot do anything about it. You have to wait for the owners of the website to fix the problem. If not, there are other things that you should pay attention.

Now, check if the slowness occurs on your computer or other devices as well. If you find the internet slow, then you can try rebooting your computer or device. Otherwise, there is another option, and i.e., you need to do a malware scan. After performing all these scans, if you still find that your internet is running slow, then you need to check for network issues.

Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Before you start troubleshooting, you have got to check certain things. Run an internet speed test. Stop all downloads, Netflix streaming, and other internet activity as you get down to investigate the reason for slow wifi. Now, you need to compare the results against the ones that is expected as per the plan. Check which plan you are using on the internet bill.

Now, there can be various reasons and discrepancies. Your internet service provider may be located next door. So, that gives a high-speed test result. However, it is mostly the other way round. You may be getting a speed that is slower than what you had expected. There may be several instances contributing to this. Most internet users get slower speeds at the busiest times. There are numerous people surfing around that time which makes slow internet connection.

How To Fix Slow Internet?

You can also fix slow internet. If your wifi is slow, you can try rebooting all the stuff. Computers and modems can get stuck or overloaded due to excessive usage. If you have not rebooted these devices in a while, do it now. Unplug each one of the equipment and plug them again into the socket. It will take some time for any device to reconnect to the internet. Now, you have got to be patient. See if the speed improves.

Why Is My Wifi Slow?

There may be reasons for this. You may eventually find out after performing the above tests, that your internet speed is fine. You may be facing speed issues, due to the wifi connection. There are many reasons behind this.

  • The airwaves may be congested. You may be using too many devices in the vicinity of one another. 5GHz can support more devices in comparison to a connection of 2.4GHz.
  • You could also be located in a dead zone. Or probably, your home is far away from the coverage area.
  • If you have a large home, consider using mesh Wi-Fi.

Stop saturating your slow internet connection. If multiple people in your house are trying to use the same connection, it will slow down.

Finding Why Is My Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden and Fixing It

If you are suffering from slow internet connection, then you have got to do a few things.

  • Check if there is any issue related to coax splitters. If you have cable internet, you may have to consider this. The splitters may be lowering your internet speed. These splitters can be of bad quality. If you see a large number of them, that could be another problem. Try disconnecting the cable line, to see how it performs.
  • Try another DNS server. Switching to another DNS server, can help alleviate the problem. You can try Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.
  • If all else fails, you should call up your Internet Service Provider and try to find the answer. You are paying a hefty amount for your internet connection, so you have all the right to report.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

• Why is my internet so slow in my room?

If you have a wireless router, that you placed far away from your room, it may be one of the reasons. The signal does get weaker with distance. You can check the number of Wi-fi bares on your device. There could be interference in the form of the material of your wall. You can try to replace the channel on your router.

• Why is the internet so slow at night?

Night traffic on the router, may be causing this. There may be a data back up functioning in the background, that may lead to such an issue. Moreover, another reason is that your house is eating up more data, than your package has.

• Why the internet is very slow on my phone?

If you are using Wi-Fi, then your phone might be slow, because of the distance from the router. Or your phone could be old. So, it may not be taking all the updates properly. Hardware specs tend to change over time, and that could be one of the reasons.

• Why my net is very slowly working?

There may be several reasons, like low internet speed, low Wi-Fi speeds or old devices. You should consider getting your modem, router, and signal checked.
There can be so many reasons, why you are getting a slow speed on your internet. So, instead of directly blaming the ISP, you should try troubleshooting yourself. There are so many facets, that you need to take care of. Try the above tips to solve your issues.

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