Top Apps to Help You Move House

Moving house can seem a bit like juggling plates with all the various stages and a host of preparations to make. The process of moving is strewn with pitfalls and stressful moments and once you are into your new home you are then faced with decor and furnishing challenges. If you are one of the people who are planning on a move then here are some of the top apps for your phone or iPad to help make the process of moving easier.


This free app from Applosophy is a great way for you to create a moving budget and also an inventory list of your home contents. Creating a moving budget will ensure that you have enough money to make the move without running short and an inventory is always helpful so you can ensure that all your possessions make it to your new place.

The app assists you with estimating the cost of moving and also helps to assess how much stuff you have in your home in order to work out what you will need to move it all. The app is pretty easy to navigate. You simply click on the Start Moving button and the app asked you to begin listing your possessions room by room.



This useful moving app from State Farm features a very comprehensive ‘to do’ list which is measured against a timeline. Another useful feature of the MoveTools App is that it has an online label creation tool that creates smart phone scannable labels for your home contents.

Again, this app is easy to use and involves simply selecting ‘Pack Up’ from the menu and you will get an icon of a moving box into which you can drag the items in your house room by room. Once the box is full, click on ‘Tape up this box’ at the bottom of the screen and the box is moved to your inventory.


MyMove by the World Media Group LLC will help you to find a reliable moving company to safely and securely move your belongings to your new abode. The app features a moving cost estimator, moving companies licensing information and also lists the best moving firms by state – all for free!

Home Moving

This free app allows you to get an accurate quote for the moving of your home contents. The app is simple to use and helps you to count the number of items you need to move. A calculator will then give you a price breakdown room by room and a total square feet amount.


Once you have moved into your home it is time to start putting your own stamp on it and ColorSchemer helps you do just that. If you have been inspired by a holiday snap you took then this nifty little app can help you to create the perfect colour palette to match. Create your own colour palette and explore the different shades and hues via touch screen. You can share ideas and also browse other people’s design ideas for inspiration.

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