Now a day everyone uses the smart phone to change the life style easier. Android operating system plays a huge role in fulfilling the people’s needs. The Qualcomm krait is the latest and fascinated platform for the Android operating system. It clearly indicates that the Qualcomm krait is the newest stand for the modern mobile technology, because it equals the advance technology with the latest computer system. The chips used in this equipment are A15 which is highly incomparable in present. The chipset is Snapdragon S4 chipset with 4.3 inch screen. Games and application will be fast as any other smart phone in the history of mobile world.

The key factor of this, mobile technology is it overtakes every smart phone which exists in the mobile market, and the image quality is very awesome. Qualcomm krait is the latest platform for the mobile technology to chipset assembled process. The main specifications are 1.5 GHz process, CPU is dual core krait, GPU is Adreno 225, RAM is 1gb LPDDR2 with NAND 16gb assimilated, the camera used in this tech is with 13 MP with highly sensitive with LED flash. This mobile tech is upgraded with the display of 4.03” SWVGA. It gives the better graphics with 30 fps at the resolution of 1200*720. The modem connection are user-handy, it can be connected automatically without misperception. The battery used here is removable with 5.6 WHr, where the older version had only 3.3 WHr. The android operating system is upgradable with 4.0.3 ICS which is simplified with future technology. This mobile system had already made a massive impression in the mobile market, it is now still developing the chipset to maximum level of tech. still the benchmark is not over, the mobile market will increase day-by-day until the technology increase in the modern world….

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