There are many SSD drives in the computer technology; the SSD drives with sand force tech plays a vital role in the business world with the Sand Force-2281 with controlled firmware. The sand force and Intel can able to suit in even a thin form of any machine. The sand force techno is trying to make dominant role in the artificial intelligence stage. Sand force drives are best flash memory controller with high efficiency and performance. Multiple flash memories can be managed by sand force tech, for the caching process sand force will not use DRAM for its control. The memory in built in the drives has non-volatile which increases the speed and performance of the drives.

The disk errors are minimized by the error detection technology. The temperature will be 0-70 to maintain the SSD sand force drive. The Intel and sand force these two companies were promoting the process with sand force driven platform. It is loaded with 120GB sand force SSD which is manufactured by the prodigious company Intel with the very cheap rate of only 120$ US dollar. The Intel manufacture is flying to the next level of mechanical hard drives. This drives are sold out very fast as any other hard drives in the emerging market, the SSD is now greatly developed with better quality sand force technique to cover the business market world. It is widespread in the technology by advertising through online and TV show. Lot of online bloggers was writing the positive review about this massive technology. The warranty period is extended up to 5 years which is more satisfactory than any other drives sold out in the market; the sequential performance of the drive is read and write with the maximum capacity of 480 GB. Everyone is upgrading their system with this new dated technique with aspiration.

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