New feature added in to the Virus protection Software of 360 Total Security

Safety, when you hear this word, what are all the things comes in your mind?

We never feel comfortable without safety. Safety is the prior thing for all. Wherever we go, whatever you do, whomever you meet, or any other doings, everyone should be very careful about their own safety. For an example: building a house that includes value of the land, surrounding, neighborhood, going to school or any other places such as person you meet, friends, circumstance, buying something. In a very small thing we prefer safety is the major part.
So now we are going to analyse the new feature of 360 Total Security Software.


This software is developed by the 360 total security center and it provides the absolute security opposed to viruses and the other kind of malfunctions. This will be more useful to protect our PC’s and other gadgets from such situations of, ecommerce action, browsing, downloading, while connecting the external portable devices. This software keeps our system and other gadgets clean and safe. You can perform a single click access to clean up the feature to remain PC’s in a best condition.

This 360 software has 10 older versions and now the security center has introduced the new version of 360 Total Security and it is updated on May 12, 2015.

About the new Version:

The new version has developed with the same and special features. It works as same as the older versions and has the extra values of fast checking, complete security, fine recognition, control the boot-up application, removes the junk from system and results with more competency, protects your system from all the threaten activities.
This new version is comes with more add-ons and it really get a good impact from the public and experts.

Special add-ons:

It is developed to brace Windows 10 Technical foretaste and it fix to say that the sandbox is not working on into Windows 10. (Sandbox- a secured atmosphere in which an unreliable program may possibly be execute without disturbing further areas of the system) and the added language in this version is Japanese.


Rapid test:

It works more rapidly to test the total condition of the system’s security and fit in a single click.

Better Risk Examine:

This one is incorporated with five awards conquering antivirus engines of 360 cloud Engine, QVMII, Avira and Bitdefender to endow with the absolute virus scan and protection competence.

Protecting you from fake activities:

It provides the online mode option on its list of protection. Once you enable the online mode it keeps your data’s entire safe from the online intimidation for example “Phishing attacks” and recognizes the theft. Overall it gives you a protected and secure transaction without any pressure.

Get Going:

It is useful to control and provide a better boot-up application. The cleanup service is the helpful tool, which is used to detect and facilitate you to clean the trash files and unwanted more memory occupied plug-ins from your computer. So this will help you to run your system proficiently and reduces the PC boot timing.

On time updates:

This 360 cloud total security software offers you the real event security along with the recent virus description updates and malfunction indexes gave flawlessly in order that your System to be up to date and safe.


This software secured your system to get away from Malfunctions, backdoor, phishing and new kind of intimidations through rapid and expert cloud technology.

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