In recent times there has been news about many security breaches in online websites. Many of it has been due to passwords that are very easy to guess or identify with the right hacking tools. As a result of these incidents, a new debate has been sparked on how to select a proper password.

Problems in creating a secure and unique password

Creating a long and unique strong password for each of your accounts seems like the best solution. But for those who have an account on many websites it is very difficult to remember a large set of passwords. There is a limit to the amount of information that our human mind can retain. However, on the other hand sharing a single unique password between many of your account will make it easy for hackers to hack through your account.

Using password manager

One way to overcome both of these problems is to use a password manager that can remember your passwords even if you forget it. This way you can easily create long passwords and don’t have to worry about forgetting them. However, there is a downside in using this password manager because this means that you are putting all your passwords into one manager account. Thus if your password manger account is hacked then that will be the end and you will lose hold of all your accounts. But in recent times there have been some super secure password mangers like LastPass which has never been hacked and is extremely robust.

The reality

It is possible to create an ideally perfect password that cannot be hacked or guessed by the various hacking tools. The best thing to do is to keep your account as secure as possible from spam e-mails. If there is something abnormal in your account then you have to take measures to rectify them immediately. By being cautious you can avoid yourself from becoming another victim of these dangerous password hackers.

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