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Computers now have more and more data storage available to them. Even better is that big storage upwards of 500 GB is a lot cheaper now than it used to be. Even so, with various tasks, programs, games, movies and music it is also becoming increasingly easier to fill up your storage space. You know what they say about supply and demand right? It means you get a fantastic selection of data storage solutions and methods at your disposal, this article should give you an idea of the options you can pick from to find the best suited to your needs!

Hard Drives

The humble external hard drive can give you an instant solution to storage woes. Setup is virtually non-existent, plug the hard drive into your computer and that’s you sorted! External hard drives can be found in all manners of sizes; as low as 64 GB and climbing up to a massive 3 TB. The question you need to ask yourself is what do you really need? If your intention is to provide yourself with a backup of your hard drive then it is advisable to get an external hard drive twice the size of your built in storage. This allows comfortable room for growth and helps the speed of transferring data in the future. The benefit here is that whether your external hard drive is for a computer back up or for storing movies and photos, you can carry it with you to wherever it may be needed.

For ultra-portable storage USB memory sticks are the way to go. This is ideally suited to storing data such as documents and files from your computer, be it as a backup or for transferring between computers.

The Cloud

Your data storage solution may not be found in a material hard drive on your desk, but rather up in the Cloud. The Cloud in mention is where your data is stored securely on servers, not on your computer. That said, you can have the data on your computer and also stored in the Cloud as a form of backup.


Apple’s iCloud gives its users 5 GB of free storage that can be used for whatever they like such as photos or documents. Additional storage can be purchased as required. The benefit of this is that the data can be accessed anywhere you like and on any device or computer, provided you remember your password. With this the need for carrying external hard drives is greatly reduced. For speedy uploading it would be advisable to have a good Internet connection, the likes of fiber optic broadband for example.

These are the two common methods for data storage solutions that average users will find most agreeable. All that is required is to find the particular method or solution that works best for your needs!

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