Call Centres Improve Customer Satisfaction

Call Centre​Call centres are contact centres for businesses that facilitate in providing information and assistance to customers of the business. In effect, call centres are the agents that represent a company and deals with customer complaints, problems, provides assistance and information and offers advice. Today, call centres have become a mainstay of any kind of business and have resulted in various advantages for companies.

One of the major advantages of a call centre for a business is that a company does not have to invest in phone lines, employees, training, equipment or facility preparation. All this comes along with the call centre which is hired and they will do their part in ensuring that the business is in safe hands. Call centres monitor the resources very closely and ensure their efficient use. Money saved in this initiative is quite high and will actually enable investment in core areas of expertise, thus improving the service and overall customer satisfaction.

They undertake to build relationships between customers and the company by providing existing and potential customers with quick access to information. Within a few moments, a call centre executive would place the entire body of information at the customer’s disposal. Call centres also sometimes do sales and promotions for the company and helps in building customer relationships. By allowing call centres to be the spokesperson of the company, a better and stronger relationship between customer and company is built.

Call centres provide thorough training to the employees who would be dealing with the customers and giving them a detailed briefing about the process, company and products. These employees would represent the company to the end consumers and thus become the way the customer perceives customer service in the company. If the training is complete, this will be a positive outcome for the company. Hiring a call centre that is known for its efficiency and service solves half the problem.

Call centres are dynamic and adapt swiftly to changing market conditions and consumer demands. So if there are changes to be made in the way the customer is served, the call centre can make it much faster and with more ease than individual businesses. This saves companies from having to invest in infrastructure and time but still be ahead of the game because the customer service is outsourced to a call centre.

Call centres regularly and continuously monitor different parameters of customer expectations, market dynamics and employee performance, and are able to spot any kind of problem in the making much in advance. There are periodical assessments as well as discussions on improving employee performance, directly leading to better customer satisfaction and to more sales. This keeps the service efficient, quick and up to date.

Since the use of call centres can increase customer satisfaction by at least 5%, it means a direct increase in sales and revenue. While the percentage does not seem much, it does translate into direct income for the company, which means that the company can invest the profits back into the company and come up with better products. This is a win-win cycle and illustrates why that every service oriented company has come to depend so heavily on call centres.

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Nichola Wilson works within the customer services team at Magnetic North, one of the UK’s leading call centre software companies.

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