Cloud hosting providers encouraged to distinguish selves in crowded market

Technological advances and a booming market have led to the emergence of thousands of cloud hosting providers, all of which are jostling for a share of the market even as more continue to join the ranks. In such a crowded field, it becomes more necessary than ever for these companies to distinguish themselves from the rest of their competitors in the field of cloud server hosting.

The real challenge for cloud providers will come when these firms start consolidating, Sarah Kuranda wrote in CRN. Companies already offer similar service levels and platforms that are consistent across the industry, creating an opportunity for companies to merge as the laws of supply and demand take effect.

In an interview with Kuranda, Peer 1 Hosting executive director Michael Mayers outlined a set of five things that companies can do to set themselves apart from other cloud hosting providers. To to this, they can find a way to develop a reputation for service, such as by having a strong network. These companies can also help themselves by beginning to look for higher profit margins before a wave of consolidations begins.

Selecting a market to cater to can help cloud hosting providers develop and retain a steady client base. Businesses need to decide whether to focus on a niche clientele or a more general business base that can give them more room to grow, according to Mayer. Securing cloud servers should also be a priority for firms looking to increase their

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