Best Music Streaming Platforms You Should Try in 2022

Music has been an integral part of life for us humans. In the digital age, finding a soul-touching piece has become easier than ever. Now, we have a myriad of great music streaming services to choose from and enjoy our favorite melodies.

Some of these online platforms also offer a wide range of features that enhance our listening experience. Hence, it all comes down to finding the best service that offers suitable pricing options, sound quality, and an enormous library size for us to enjoy. This article explores the trendy streaming services and their features so that you can choose what is best for you.

Most Popular Music Streaming Services in 2022

Music streaming is arguably the most popular and straightforward way of having access to a virtually unlimited library of songs. Here is a list of the best music streaming platforms having impeccable sound quality.


Spotify is undoubtedly the most popular streaming service which is not associated with a larger brand ecosystem like Apple or Amazon. With its high-quality service, user-friendly interface, a massive library of over 60 million songs, and feature-rich products, Spotify has become a well-known name in over 180 countries. If your country is not supported, you can use high-speed IPRoyal proxies to avoid geo-restrictions and get your groove on. Spotify offers a streaming quality of 320kbps and file support for popular formats such as MP3, MP4, and M4P.

Furthermore, various platforms support the Spotify music app, including iOS, Android, smart TVs, connected speaker systems, web, and desktop OS, etc. With an ad-supported free subscription, you can enjoy your favorite melodies or consider upgrading to other plans like Premium, Family, or Student.


  • Massive searchable catalog
  • The free version is robust
  • Sharable playlists
  • Reasonably large podcast network
  • Support for various devices and platforms


  • The free plan contains lots of ads
  • No lossless option is available

YouTube Music

With the branding of YouTube Music, Google entered the music streaming industry and now has its fair share of the market. YouTube Music originally came as a replacement for Google Play Music. However, with its access to YouTube’s massive content base, which includes songs and music videos, the service has established itself as a deserving contender to Spotify. YouTube Music offers web-optimized AAC files with 256kbps speed in its freemium subscription model. Apart from the vivid user interface, the incredible search feature makes it an excellent option for audiophiles.


  • Great collection of playlists
  • Regularly updated and well-curated radio stations
  • Top-notch integration of Google services
  • Available for free with a YouTube Premium subscription


  • It doesn’t work with Alexa

Apple Music

Apple Music is ideal for those already a part of the Apple ecosystem. A cost-effective alternative to Spotify, Apple Music offers student deals and family memberships within a reasonable price bracket. With these, you can access carefully selected playlists and a comprehensive collection of songs. Moreover, you can stream music in a lossless format of up to 24 bit/192kHz using the ALAC codec, which is worth the investment.


  • You get CD-quality or better sound for all titles
  • Genre recommendations and playlists dedicated to various musical styles
  • Seamlessly works with other Apple services


  • Experience in the Android app is not as refined

Amazon Music HD

Amazon’s competitive pricing and excellent catalog have undoubtedly helped it secure a large chunk of the market share. After Apple and Google, if any prominent company provides exceptional value to the consumers, it is Amazon. Amazon Music HD, as the name suggests, delivers content in HD or ultra HD quality on its platform. Those subscribed to the Amazon Prime membership can enjoy good music without spending extra money. However, the buggy UX can sometimes be really disappointing.


  • Lyrics appear automatically on the “Now Playing” pane
  • Free for Amazon Prime users
  • Offers hi-res and spatial audio powered by Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos


  • The music locker feature doesn’t exist anymore

Final Thoughts

Finding the best music streaming services doesn’t have to be challenging. Check the audio quality, music library’s size, and the subscription price for each platform. Also, ensure that the apps are easy-to-use and titles are easily discoverable. Don’t hesitate to pay for an annual subscription if you have a home entertainment system, as this can help you reap the maximum benefit out of your streaming service. So, get started today!

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