Which Casters Should You Choose?

There are quite a few caster options to choose from. Whether you are worried about meeting safety regulations, finding locking casters, or just making your workstation mobile, you need to know what type works best for you.

All-Purpose Casters

Unless you want temporary mobilization, you should avoid cheap casters. If you are making a permanent mobile workstation, look for higher quality casters. Better brands will often offer an all-purpose style that fits most needs. You can even find these in multiple wheel sizes.

These casters are available with mounting plates that work best with flat, wooden bottoms. The plate allows the load to be evenly spread across the wheel and lets you hold the caster in place with four screws.

They are available with both swivel and fixed wheels. Combining 2 swivel wheels and 2 fixed wheels will give you the maneuverability of a shopping cart. If you need more mobility than that, you should go with 4 swivel wheels.

Specialty Casters

All-purpose casters won’t fit every application. Sometimes, you need a caster with special features. This is especially true if you are moving sensitive equipment.

CastersThreaded Stem Casters

If you are trying to mobilize a steel stand, a threaded stem caster is a good option. You should avoid these if you plan on mobilizing a wooden table permanently. Also, make sure that you attach these with a nut and washer. Remember to check the nuts periodically and see if they are secure.

Machine-Leveling Casters

If you have heavy machines that will need to be moved occasionally, leveling casters are a good option. These are squat casters that come with a heavy-duty wheel and a foot that you can lower to stabilize a workspace. The adjustable pad lowers and lifts via a thumbscrew on the caster. These are perfect if you need to have a heavy piece of equipment level and stationary.

CastersCorner-Mount Casters

Small carts rolling around your shop don’t usually need heavy-duty casters. Instead, they are often fine with cheap corner mount wheels. These are all swivel casters and can help you mobilize your cart. They also come with mounting plates that are specifically designed to go on the corner of an item.

Caster Kits

In certain cases, you should look at caster kits. There are kits for almost any application. These are great if you need simple installation, tips on using the caster, and a cost-effective solution.

There are casters for any situation. Be sure to learn more about the various types and features before deciding what will be best for your shop.

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