What the restuarant iPad POS System can do for You

If you have ever been in the hospitality industry, then you understand what it entails. The customer always judges you by how you deliver the food and how your staff handles the orders that he or she makes. Very many factors come into play at the same time yet they need to be handled accurately and efficiently otherwise the customer will not take your business seriously. However, with a restaurant iPad POS system, things become a lot easier.


It does not matter what type of service you are offering in your restaurant — the system will deliver the efficiency you desire. The system has been used successfully before by restaurateurs offering fast food services, takeaways, delivery services, hotel facilities, and more.  All you have to do is customize the system to suit your needs.

The setup of this system is in such a way that there is a central POS tablet that will receive orders and send alerts as required. A cashier station equipped with a cash drawer, credit card reader, and a receipt printer is also part of the whole setup. Let us look at how this system works in a typical restaurant scenario.

Let us say a group of 3 customers arrive for their dinner reservation at 6.30p.m. When they arrive, they head straight to the lounge and make an order for drinks. The waitress keys the orders into the touch screen monitor while specifying the table from which the order is originating from.

The system alerts the person at the bar who then prepares the drinks for the customers. When these are ready, he sends an alert to the waitress to pick up the drinks for the customers. When the drinks are delivered, the waitress takes the order for the food. Using the seat numbers for each diner, the waitress inputs the orders into the system which in turn notifies the kitchen staff of what meals to prepare.

The chefs will handle the orders that are received on the display monitor in the kitchen. Any change in the order is also displayed immediately on the screen. Remember that all this time, the waitress serving the diners has not gone to the kitchen to make an order physically.

When the kitchen staff has finished preparing the orders, the waiting staff gets an alert via the POS system that the meal is ready to be served. The waiting staff delivers the meal according to the seating numbers assigned earlier on. If the diners require anything else, the order is logged into the system and delivered to the table.

After the meal, individual diners may order drinks to close the evening. All these are keyed into the system and sent to the bar. The orders are assigned to each diner according to the seat number. As the dinner draws to a close, each diner may request an individual bill or one of the diners may decide to settle the whole amount and may want a single bill displaying the whole cost of the meal. This will be generated from the system and delivered to the table.

The restaurant iPad POS system allows the diners to pay for the meal without leaving the table. All they have to do is give the waitress their credit cards and the transaction will be completed from right next to the table!

What does this scenario say about this system? Well, if you are looking for a way to automate many of your activities in the restaurant, then this is the best option for you. At the end of the day, you will have stress-free management, happy staff, and satisfied customers.


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  1. I can see many restaurants in New York are now using iPad POS in their service. They even integrate the ordering and billing system. Aside from its mobility, it also makes running the business simple and organized.

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