Things to Consider When Making a Dental Website Design

If you own any type of business these days, you need to have a presence on the Internet in order to be taken seriously and considered credible by the general public. Having a website that is regularly updated is very important for you to relay timely information to your customers. It is also a way for people who have never done business with your before to find out about your history and qualifications. You must put great effort into the design of your website. The better your website looks, the more likely it will be for people to hire you or visit your business themselves.

1. Information about the staff

When a person is looking for a dentist, he or she wants to read some very detailed information about the dentist’s educational background. Where the person went to school and what type of dentistry they specialize in are very important. There should also be a mention of how long the person has been working in the dental industry. People want to know that a very experienced and highly trained dentist is taking care of them when they are having very serious procedures performed on their teeth. There is a good chance that people might assume the dentist did not go to a good school or is not highly trained if this information is not included on the website. This information should be included for every member of the staff, not just the dentists. Dental assistants and hygienists should also have their educational background and experience clearly stated so potential patients will know exactly who they will be dealing with if they make an appointment.

2. The type of dental procedures that are performed

Not all dental practices are the same. You will need to clearly indicate the specific procedures that you perform at your practice. This will prevent people from wasting their time making an appointment and finding out after they arrive that your practice does not perform the procedure that they need. Along with the list of procedures, give a brief explanation of how each procedure is performed. This should include what each person should expect during the procedure. You will also need to include some information about recovery time, when the patient can return to work and any aftercare they might need.

3. Photos of your facility

You want to show off your offices to any potential patients who have never been there before. You should include at least one dozen photos of the interior and exterior. This will get the patients familiar with their surroundings. This is important because many people are very nervous before a dental appointment. You want the patients to feel as comfortable as possible. Seeing the photos on your site will make they feel like they have been there before. You should have many rotating photos on your homepage. They should rotate at intervals of five seconds. The patient should be able to click on a photo that interests them to find out more about your practice. The photos that you select to display on your site should show you, your staff and your office in the best possible light. If you are trying to find a company that specializes in dental website design, give Solution21 a try by visiting

4. Insurance

Many of your patients will be paying by insurance. Therefore, you should also include a page that explains what types of coverage you will accept. If there are any phone numbers that need to be provided to potential patients if they need more information, make sure they are provided on the site as well.

5. Attractive colors and design

You need to make sure that your website is visually appealing along with providing the vital information about your dental practice. If it looks very boring, many people will be less interested in looking around your site and finding out more about you. This may seem silly, but appearance really does matter in the world of dental websites. In many ways, the way your website looks is just as important as the information that it contains.

6. Contact information

You need to give your address, phone number and business hours. If you have multiple locations, make sure that you include the specific information for each one. You should also include a link to a map so people can easily find out the directions if they do not have access to GPS.

7. Description of your practice

This should be one or two paragraphs that basically tells everything about your practice in a condensed form. This needs to be written very well because this will be used to try to sell your services to new patients. If will be located on the homepage and will be the first thing people read.

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