People think that webcams can be used only for taking snaps and for video calls. But there are lots of things apart from this for which a webcam can be used extensively. This attachment in your laptop can be used as a home security camera and even as optical character recognition device. Let us see about the amazing uses of webcam in the following.

Stunning Applications on Web Cam


For game lovers and Sony playstation freaks that has a sensor stick with it, this is as equal as that. There are collections of games online that use webcams. One has to select games like 3D target shooting that detects the player’s location and display a 3D effect according to the position. There are games like Ninja, Bunny Zap and dress up yourself of this kind.

Home Security System

There are software like Yawcam which works both on windows and MAC. Once you install the software it can configure all your needs. It can be used to see a live video or can start recording when a motion is detected in the frame also it can take snap of a person. The most amazing things is that one can access the webcam from a remote place

Optical Character Recognition

By this one can convert the images of typed, written and printed text into machine encoded text. At first it should capture the image then it has to use software like Google docs and Abbyy FineReader online. One can save notes, pages and reports using it.

Bard Code Reader

When one can read barcodes and QR codes with smartphones then why it cannot be read by webcams. You have to download software called bcWebCam and start scanning.

Face Recognition Login

It is a common feature in laptops and you need to download software that helps you to do this. It only recognizes some points in your face and is nevertheless concerned about hairstyles, specs and other changes in the face. The only flaw is that it can unlock the PC with a help of a photograph of yours as it doesn’t recognize 3D images.

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