Top Techy Twitterers To Follow

Twitter has got such a sensation in the society that it can even erupt the volcano of emotions among the people. It has become the startup for many riots, revolutionary acts and civil wars in the middle east countries against the monarchical system of ruling. The tweets from big celebrities bring such a high effect on the mob. One must know all the celebrities whom we should follow to stay updated about the latest news. Here are the few celebrities who can be followed to know the news which is latest in technological field.

Top Techy Twitterers To Follow

#1 Mike Isaac

He is the senior editor at All Things D. He can be followed using @mikeisaac. He must be followed because of his tech tweets for All things D and he also has an entertaining sense of posting the tweets and it will fun to follow him

#2 Horace Dediu

He is best in the tweets of the mobile world. Basically he is the founder and author of Asymco. He is worth to be followed because he is an expert in tweeting in just 140 characters length of all the technical news. He can be followed by @asymco.

#3 Sammy the Walrus IV

He is a smart commentator in the tech company and he is the Apple expert in engineering and finance background. He can be followed from @SammyWalrusIV. He is so special because of his latest updates in the tech world and business comments. He is a must follow for apple fans since he works for Apple.

#4 Eric Jackson

He works for his own hedge fund, Ironfire Capital who can be followed in @ericjacksoo. He needs to be followed because all his tweets will be sweet to read and it is very easy for him as he is a Yahoo investor.

#5 John Legere

He is the outspoken leader of T-mobile and he is also the CEO of T-mobile. He can be followed from @john_legere because he has a distinction of himself and he does a lot of smack of his rivals.

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