Share Your Messages on the Go with Audio Webcasting

With the advancement of technology, this has created a convenience for us to listen or watch anything while on the bus to work or on the plane flying overseas. One of this great advancement of technologies is the internet because we can no communicate all around the world despite the time difference. We are able to “see” each other through live chat without physically being there. This has also helped many businesses and government do business better and sends out messages respectively.

Audio webcasting, which can take several forms such as podcasting and live event webcasting, is a form of webcasting where audio messages are sent over the Internet. These webcasts can be live or hosted. For example, a rock concert audio webcast may be streamed live to listeners around the world and then later hosted on the band’s website for later listening.

Audio webcasting isn’t just for concerts and events. You can use mobile streaming for virtually any purpose including training, motivational messages, business communications, workshops, and more. While audio webcasting is traditionally a one-to-many form of broadcasting, many mobile streaming platforms incorporate text-based chat tools where listeners can type in their questions which may or may not be addressed by the moderator of the webcast (Source: audio webcasting from MediaPlatform).

For example, let’s say you’ll be using audio webcasting to deliver a motivational speech. At the end of your audio webcast, you might have scheduled a brief period for questions and answers. With the chat feature enabled, listeners can post questions as they arise without interrupting your speech. When the questions and answers segment arrives, you can then look at the questions that came in during the presentation and answer them one at a time. Many audio webcasters have a colleague moderate the comments that come in and select important one for the speaker to address at the appointed time.

One of the advantages of modern mobile streaming and audio webcasting solutions is that they are just that: mobile. Unlike traditional radio broadcasts, you do not need to schedule time in an actual radio studio in order to broadcast your message. All you need is your laptop computer – or even a smartphone for that matter – and audio webcasting software. Not only can you deliver your message on the go, your audience can listen to it on the go using their own mobile devices.

How will you use audio webcasting?

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