INTEL CORE i5 3570 processor

The new Intel core i5 3570 processor, the ultimate sovereign processor that replace the Intel i5 2550k from sandy bridge generation .You might wonder what’s the big deal in replacing the processor i5 clock speed from 2550 to 3570. It might be a head change in the predecessor or is there any deeper changes made in the processor. There is an absolute yes for everybody, the new Intel core i5 3570 processor from the Intel core processor family deliver the high class performance with vivid style with stunning visual experiences for every classes of individuals or business class peoples.

Lets dug little deeper for breaking changes that have been made in this processor. There are various levels of upgrade for every class aristocratic. The main upgrade for the gamers is the evolution of 32nm to 22nm process technology and embedded new techno of 3D – tri gate transistor technology.

Each core consumes lesser amount of power and storage for the given inputs, using the Tri gate transistor technology i.e. the clock 2550 operated on 95w where 3570 clocked processor tingles with 77w of TDP and it utilize just 6MB cache for the processor. Now on to the graphics part, since the power and the cache usage is less, it’s a chocolate pie for the Graphics processor. It grades up the graphics usage and optimization levels from 12 execution units to 16 execution units of HD graphics processor.

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