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Hi5 stands for high five standard networking media. It’s the massive site targeted at wide-ranging audience which turned into a viral growth in 2007 attaining popularity from Central America. There was a league going on in US, on which Hi5 was hitting at one of the top ten sites in United States of America. You guys can ask, why leaving Facebook and want me to join in that network, I got chats, comments, fan page and everything what I needed its here? The customization of your profile page is the feature that you can expect in hi5 which wasn’t allowed by other social network websites. You can create your own customized profile; whatever you needed to display you can add it.

Is there any social website that allows you for a group discussion on joining a particular group, No.? The Hi5 provides you various things like watching TV, videos everything on a single site. But it’s applicable for who are in Central America. It’s not open to all community peoples and it couldn’t get adapt to so many traditions. The sophisticating part is Hi5 couldn’t get in the top most websites in United States itself.

To the professional users the search options have been very critical to handle, not even ten queries get the exact result out of 25 queries. Hi5 also have a dependency of applications, they completely rely on the website applications, and the most importantly help section is not adequately considered for the person who just hangs it in the hi5. Has already mentioned that hi5 supports chat rooms, profile personalization and groups, for this feature hi5 gets 7.5/10. The security issues in the hi5 can minimised in the later years but moreover if this group doesn’t retrieve its defects in the future it may go off the track like orkut.

This review concludes that if you are Central American and just want to find friends, here is the way in hi5. But when you are trying to mingle out with various community people, just be wise in choosing hi5.

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