The Most Overlooked Factor of SEO

When people think SEO, they usually think keywords, content, social media, and back links. Here at, we like to think about all aspects of SEO. While content, social media, and links play a major role in search engine optimization, people often overlook one more essential aspect: user experience. If SEO content were a meal, then user experience would be the table, silverware, and china that you eat the meal from. After all, a meal isn’t very impressive if it’s served on the floor with no plates or fork.

Site Speed

The speed at which your site loads is definitely a factor in SEO ranking. Not only that, but if a site loads too slowly then you can lose your visitor quick. Losing visitors means lower conversion rates, and lower conversion rates means less revenue.

Designed for Mobile

A study conducted by Smart Insights showed that 80% of mobile phone users use the internet from their mobile device at least sometimes. This makes the demand for a mobile website necessary. Creating a website with responsive design solves this problem, since internet users can view responsively designed websites on a variety of devices.

User-Friendly Homepage

Another good way to increase your bounce rate is by having a homepage that’s all over the place. Complicated navigation, too much content, and glaring colors can drive users away in a hurry. Avoid putting lots of content on the homepage. This is the place for a brief introduction, and to tell the user where to go next. Make navigation as simple as possible, and also easy to find.

Clear Call-To-Action

Sadly, many organizations leave money on the table by now presenting a clear-call-to action or CTA. A CTA can be as asking a visitor to sign up for a mailing list, or telling them to order a new product. Make the CTA personal and relevant to the user. Instead of “Order your free trial now,” try “Order my free trial now.” You should also split test things like color and button positioning to get the most optimum results.

User experience plays a big role in search optimization, and most importantly in presenting your company’s image. By presenting your website in a user-friendly way, you can increase conversions on your website, which will likely lead to more revenue for your organization.

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