Free software’s that are proven to be worth full for the users

HW monitors:

1. This software tool gives you an easy to use way to monitor most of your system’s temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds.

2. You can use this tool to monitor the temps.

Intel turbo widget:

This acts as a clock speed widget and this tool has been found to be the best accurate indicators around.


This system info tool is very simple which organizes available system info into a very presentable and easy to read manner. This tool is not recognized by most of the users.


1. This is open source software, which is completely free and does not trouble you with ads.

2. You can use this tool for organizing your files with a wide array of formats.

U torrent:

The best torrent Downloader is u torrent, which is super light at 800 KB, easy to use and adjusts internet bandwidth depending on its usage. It has the capacity to throttle its upload speeds so that you can enjoy downloading the files.

Drop box:

1. This tool offers free storage, because it is a cloud-based system.

2. You can access your data from any online device and you can back up important documents also.

3. You get only 2GB free when you sign up, and get 18 GB by referring drop box to your friends.

Win merges:

This tool is helpful to merge the changes from one version of a document to another. You can also check two entire folders to make sure their contents are exactly the same. This software is very useful for bit level change detection on local folders and synchronizes correctly.

Tera copy:

1. This tool is the fastest replacement for windows file transfer system.

2. It is a bit slower than the windows file copy system.

3. This shows exactly which files have transferred and which are queued, as well as transfer speed.

4. It lets you pause and resume transfers and can also do file hash comparison to make sure everything copied correctly.

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