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For businesses that create, publish and distribute creative works or material that requires copyright protection, the age of the Internet poses a real problem. Copyright theft and unauthorised use of published materials are huge problems for millions of individuals and companies around the world. Through the myriad of file-sharing sites now available, many producers of digital content are seeing their incomes being eroded by illegal activity. However, digital rights management (DRM) is a system available from Digital Downloading’s duplication centre that protects all copies of your material from unauthorised sale, sharing and use.


What is digital rights management?

Digital rights management is a set of technologies which protects intellectual property from theft or unauthorised use. It gives the producers of music, film and any copyrighted material the chance to restrict how a digital product is used after it has been purchased by a consumer. So, if a company is creating multiples copies of music CDs or DVDs at the Digital Downloading duplication centre, it can add DRM technologies to every single copy – making them very difficult to reproduce. This stops people from taking their own copies or sharing the digital information via file-sharing services.

What can DRM be used on?

DRM technology is constantly evolving, as the methods and expertise of copyright thieves become increasingly sophisticated. CDs can be embedded with DRM copy protection encryption, for instance, which makes burning them onto hard drives via conventional methods impossible. Content scrambling systems were installed in the early DVDs – making them unplayable except on devices that were approved by the licence holders. Of course, such systems have become obsolete due to the sophisticated hacking methods adopted by copyright pirates, but they are just one example of what is possible. Whether you are using the Digital Downloading duplication centre for music, video or information, it is possible to make the life of copyright thieves a good deal more difficult.

Why DRM technologies are so important

For companies and individuals who deal exclusively in digital content, copyright abuse poses a significant risk to their commercial success. Files can be shared in seconds with widely available apps and computer programs – to the extent that copyright infringement has become commonplace in all walks of life. Digital Downloading has sophisticated DRM technologies that help a wide range of businesses and individuals to protect their biggest assets.

As well as helping copyright owners to prepare their material for sale and authorised distribution on the Internet, Digital Downloading offers a selection of sophisticated features designed to protect data against theft and promote legitimate use by consumers. Digital rights management forms the basis of this service, but master preparation will ensure that material is presented in a way that makes it an attractive purchase. Sales can be more easily tracked with the addition of Digital Downloading’s UPS barcodes, and specialist software can be utilised to prevent IP infringements.

An increasing number of business sectors are making information available for digital download. And while that is beneficial for both business owners and consumers, it makes copyrighted material increasingly susceptible to theft and unauthorised use. Digital Downloading works with clients from a broad spectrum of industries to ensure intellectual works get the protection they deserve.

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