Delete Twitter Followers the Right Way – Step by Step Guide

Looking to free up some bandwidth or clean out your notifications? Deleting Twitter followers is a straightforward process, though it does involve multiple steps. Read on for our comprehensive guide.

How to delete Twitter followers from your account in just a few clicks.

Delete Twitter Followers

Identify Followers Who Are Spam Accounts.

Before you can delete unwanted Twitter followers from your account, it is important to identify who exactly these accounts are. Typically, spam accounts are easy to spot; they often will have few (if any) tweets, no profile photo and an incomplete bio section. When in doubt about whether a follower is a genuine user or a fake account, take some time to check out their profile and social activity.

Unfollow Potential Fake Accounts.

Fake accounts are known for liking and commenting on tweets without actually engaging with the content, so ensure that those you choose to delete haven’t been active.

First, check the profile information–the bio, the photo, and so on–for signs of inconsistency or inactivity; then scroll through their tweets to see if they have made any genuine interactions with users. If something looks suspicious, click ‘Unfollow’ and continue on.

Monitor Twitter for Inappropriate Messages and Unwanted Retweets.

While deleting followers is one way to manage your friends list, it’s also important to ensure that other users aren’t using your platform to spread inappropriate messages. With the occasional scan of tweets and retweets, you can quickly identify any problematic content from other people who are engaged with your brand—and take appropriate action if needed. So, set a schedule for monitoring Twitter for messages or posts that may be deemed offensive or hurtful.

Block Potential Harassment and Abuse.

When you delete a follower from your account, they can no longer interact with you on Twitter—but they can still view your tweets and activity. To prevent any potential harassment or abuse, you can also block this person. This removes them not only as a follower, but also as a viewer of your content entirely. Blocking is a great protective measure if someone’s activities make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, threatened or otherwise harassed.

Delete Twitter Followers

Utilize Paid Tools To Easily Assess Followers and Reputations

To determine which followers you should delete, consider utilizing a paid tool such as Twitter Audit Pro or Followerwonk. These tools analyze your current followers to gauge their activity levels and provide detailed reports which can help inform your decision-making. It also provides additional metrics such as RepScore—this is a reputation metric with numbers ranging from 0-100 (100 being the best) that gives you an overview of the quality of any particular user’s profile. This helps keep trolling, spam accounts and bots off your profile.


Deleting Twitter followers can be a straightforward process. You can identify spam accounts, unfollow potential fake accounts, monitor for inappropriate messages and unwanted retweets, block potential harassment and abuse, and use paid tools to easily assess followers and reputations. Following these steps will help you free up bandwidth and clean out your notifications while keeping your profile free of trolling, spam accounts, and bots. Remember to always check the profile information of any account you are unsure about before unfollowing or blocking them. Delete Twitter Followers is an essential task to keep your twitter account clean, safe and active!

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