All SME websites need social sharing buttons – here’s why

If you’re looking for one sure-fire way to increase traffic to your SME website, look no further than social sharing buttons. Nowadays it’s hardly imaginable to read a piece of online content without being asked to ‘like’, ‘tweet’, ‘+1’ or ‘pin’ it and encouraging users to share content can play a fundamental part in driving additional traffic to your business website.

But why is it so important to encourage users to share the content of your website on social media? The first reason is it is an incredibly easy way to drive traffic to your site. The second reason is that driving traffic to your site will ultimately drive sales and promote the trust of your brand across the social spectrum.

Encouraging users to share content

Before social sharing buttons, users had to copy and paste a site’s URL into their status box to share a piece of content. Now all they need to do is click a button, saving them much time and effort, and giving them an easy way to tell other people about your great services.

The number of ‘likes’ or ‘tweets’ you have also builds trust. Social sharing buttons often display next to them how many times each piece of content has been shared and this serves as recommendations for your site. So the more social shares your web pages have, the more trustworthy and recommended by other users your site will appear to be.

sharingHow to add social sharing buttons to your SME website

Social sharing buttons are an easy feature to integrate into your web design and will soon see you reaping the benefits in shares, additional traffic and boosted sales. And you’ll be glad to know that they don’t take much effort to integrate into your website design either.

The simplest way to add them to your site is through a sharing platform such as Add to Any, Add This or Share This. They allow you to add small or large sharing icons to your site and exactly which ones you need. It’s best to not add too many to your site, but pages with several sharing options tend to work best. Focus on the social platforms you use such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (If image based), you can even use Reddit if the content is applicable.

You should also think carefully about where you place them. Make sure they are visible ‘above the fold’ (as soon as the user loads the page) and strike a balance between not attracting too much attention and being easy to find. For this it may be best to seek the advice of a web designer who can advise you on how to make the most of your web content through social sharing buttons. So leave the hard bit to the experts and let BT Marketing Solutions offer assistance with your website design & social media marketing. And when your website is optimised for social sharing, you’ll be sure to boost your traffic and generate sales.


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