3 Tips to Make Quick Cash When You’re In a Bind

Unexpected expenses pop up all of the time. And life throws curve balls quite often, which can completely knock you off your game. Maybe you’ve missed work due to sickness and now you need money for gas. Or you just found out your child needs money for their field trip – tomorrow – and payday isn’t for three days.

These situations can be frustrating, but they’re by no means uncommon. And when they do arise, take a breath. There are a few ways to get cash quickly, such as those below.

Sell Your Old Devices

Most people have an old cell phone or two lying around, usually because no one’s sure what to do with them. There is a pretty good solution, though: EcoATMS.

You’re probably asking, “What is EcoATM?” It’s a machine that buys old devices, like cell phones. You put your device in, the machine tests it, and it quotes a price. If you agree, you’ll get cash right then and there. Sound like a good idea? Just Google the term “EcoATMs near me” to find one nearby.

Hit the Consignment Shop

Do you have an old tux or prom dress? Have your kids recently outgrown all of the clothes you bought a month ago? Take them to a local consignment shop. They’ll typically take clothing that’s in good shape. Some only take brand names, so you might want to call ahead. You usually have two choices with this option.

You can either consign the clothing, meaning that the store will put them out for sale and give you a percentage. Or they’ll often buy the clothing on the spot.

Take a Trip to the Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are a great place to take music equipment, electronics, jewelry, tools, bicycles, and similar items. You can sell them to the pawn shop if you don’t want them back. Or they’ll give you a loan on the item. As long as you pay your monthly bill, they keep your stuff and you can get it back when you have the funds.

And there are no prepayment penalties. If you need to pawn your guitar today, you can go get it right back with your paycheck on Friday.

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