What’s Hot In Graphics Cards?

While it always takes some time, this new generation of high-end graphics cards has pretty much been finalized. AMD was one of the first to come out while Nvidia was dragging their heels. The fairly recent release of their GTX 650 Ti marks the end of this last generation and at this stage, it’s easy to say that the market for graphics cards has never been so good for consumers.

The GTX 680 by Kepler is definitely one of the hottest graphics cards out there today. It is focused more on the performance and raw graphics than the overall compute-focused Fermi graphics cards that were previously available. The space-saving design means that this chip works as an incredibly efficient graphics processor and only has a TDP of 195W. Kepler GPU also introduced a GPU boost which dramatically increases its GPU speed depending on both the power and the thermal envelope.

Not to be outdone, AMD released the HD 7950/HD 7970 which had the new PowerTune Technology with Boost which made it comparable as it made a similar improvement for its GPUs. When considering the overall graphics performance, these are the top two types of graphics card and have been trading their performance leads in varying game benchmarks all summer.

If you’re in the market for an improved graphics card, then it will really depend on which card’s feature-set that you prefer best and which one goes better with your favorite games. The good news for consumers is that with both of these cards being compatible performance-wise, they’re in tight competition with each other. The price tag on both has was lowered when Nvidia was finally ready to release their newest graphics card. However, it’s really the consumer that wins since both cards are available now for a very reasonable price. AMD still has a slightly lower price tag though, which may interest you more.

So, if you are considering a new graphics card, this is the right time to make a move. You can easily pick up one of these two hot new cards for a very reasonable price. Also, since all the major companies have released this year’s designs and models, you don’t have to worry about a better graphics card coming out in the near future. For the best results and a boost for your graphics, try one of these cards. You will be much happier with the quality. Both cards will change the way that you came, giving you the high definition you want to experience.


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