Top Five Important Warning Lights in Automobile System

In automobile, vehicles are systemized with various warning lights to alert the driver to take precautions to avoid accidents. They are:

Top Five Important Warning Lights in Automobile System

  1. Airbag malfunction indicator lamp
  2. Cruise control indicator lamp
  3. Rear fog lamp indicator
  4. ABS warning light
  5. Generator (GEN) warning lamp


Airbag malfunction indicator lamp:

  1. The airbag malfunction indicator lamp is a caution light to intimate the drivers about the vehicle functioning system.
  2. Normally, the airbag light should glow for 6 seconds and go off automatically if the vehicle system functions properly.
  3. In case, if there is any failure in the vehicle functioning system the light will glow constantly or sounds with an audible tone to indicate the issue.
  4. If the light is on or the tone sounds the airbag will not expand even in an accident.

cruise control switch indicator lamp 001

Cruise control indicator lamp:

The cruise control system is deliberating light, which manages the speed to keep the distance between the driver’s vehicle and the vehicle in front of the driver’s vehicle. If the span between the two vehicles contracts the indicator lamp will glow constantly to alert the driver.

Rear fog lamp indicator:

According to traffic rules, all vehicles must be fitted with rear fog lamps which assist as high-intensity rear point lamps switched on by the driver under the circumstances of less clarity to adjust the vehicle more visible from the rear.


ABS warning light:

  1. ABS is an Anti-lock Brake System warning light, which will turn on for various sins, but most important reason is the sudden brake is left on.
  2. Another reason is to indicate the loss of power serve, which will happen if the vehicle depends on an electric pump and pressure accumulator pump  alternatively than a conventional vacuum booster.

Generator (GEN) warning lamp:

Gen/ALT warning light is one of the two lamps in the instrument cluster, while the other one is the Oil warning light. Gen/ALT warning light glows mainly due to two reasons, they are

  1. Due to broken fan belt
  2. Defects in generator


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