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Ten years ago, SEO in Sydney focused on keywords, on-site content, and the volume of external links pointing to your site. While some attention was paid to things like inbound-links and the like, but the main focus was on content. Today, content is still at the heart of any program for SEO in Sydney and other areas of Australia, but it is important to know that there is more to it than that. The Internet has changed with the growth of social media, and SEO has had to change to move along with it. In fact, many people consider keywords, links and social media to be three components of SEO in Sydney that are all equally important.

The beauty of social media is that people will often seek you out as a result of word of mouth (WOM) marketing. There are even websites and companies that specialise in WOM marketing and social media, like WOMMA. This is a big difference from the type of marketing that one does for organic visibility, or how customers find your website. Customers who engage with you in social media may be fans of yours because they like your products or services, or someone they know does, and they go to your social media pages to learn more. You can use this social “popularity” with SEO in Sydney because an engaging social media page is naturally going to get a lot of visitors. You can then use that traffic to funnel more traffic to your main website, where you can actually make sales and connect with potential customers.

As you can imagine, using social media as a referral source to your main site is similar to the way that inbound links have always been used for SEO in the past. You simply put a link from your social media page to your main page, and people who are really interested will follow it to your home page. This increases your website traffic and the more popular your site is, the higher you will be ranked by search engines. They are also going to see the link itself, which makes your page appear more valuable to search engines. It works like a link from any other site, helping to increase your ranking, but it is more valuable because it also works to increase traffic numbers.

Social media sites can be used for many things, from telling customers about new products to answering their questions. What you will find, though, is that they are also very important for SEO in Sydney because they can help to improve the pagerank for your main site. Most companies, like SEO professionals at, that specialise in SEO in Sydney can now help you maintain your social media sites, ensuring that you use all that are relevant, and they can even produce keyword-rich content for those third-party sites.

Below are a few social media sources for more visibility and SEO campaigns that I like to utilise when modifying my marketing

  • MarketingMag
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Social Media Statistics on Engagment in Australia
  • Recent social media updates in the news

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