SMS Marketing and the Benefits Associated With It

Any business, big or small, new or old, requires marketing and promotion to become successful. No matter how good a particular product or service is, one would ultimately have to put in efforts to ensure that the customers or the target audience becomes aware of the offering. Over the years, businesses have come up with a variety of marketing strategies. With every new development in technology, businesses have adapted to them and made complete use of the medium. Every successful company has followed this strategy and will continue to do so. The same applies with today’s mobile technology, too. Everyone by now must be aware of the various promotional SMS messages we get on mobiles. While this – to an extent – can become irritating, one shouldn’t forget the fact that this is another promotional or marketing strategy utilised by companies for making customers aware of their products. With the growth of mobile phones, the amount of time and money spent by any business on SMS marketing has increased exponentially. This has today become one of the major platforms to market a particular product, and one can associate a variety of benefits with this style of marketing. So, how exactly does marketing via SMS score over other methods?

Instant and Reliable Delivery

How often can one be assured of the fact that the marketing message sent via a particular platform will surely reach the target audience? While this wasn’t a certainty with the strategies of the past, SMS marketing has changed this trend for good. With SMS, one can be hundred percent certain of the delivery of the message to the intended customer group. Though certain problems could delay the delivery, there isn’t any chance for the messages to skip the particular user. Furthermore, one can ensure instant delivery. There are rare cases where one might see their messages getting delivered late; however, in most cases, one can expect their SMSes to get delivered in no lesser than 10 seconds.

Flexible Platform

The biggest advantage of SMS marketing is clearly its flexibility in terms of timing and the target audience. Unlike emails and other marketing strategies, SMS or bulk SMS marketing allows companies to target a particular group of audience and market any product at any point of time. Plus, they can be versatile with the message that they include and change them based on their requirements.

Reduced Cost

This is the main reason why companies go for this type of marketing. A strategy with so many technical gains available at such a low cost will surely not be missed out by companies. The cost of sending messages in bulk is almost nothing compared to what companies spend on TV and online advertising. The fact that one can promote a particular product better at lower costs clearly gives SMS marketing an edge over other marketing methods.

High Turnover Value

SMS messages have greater reach than any other strategy. This is because when a particular message reaches a customer, it is almost impossible for a person to not check a beep on his or her mobile. This means that the customer will inevitably read the content of the message, giving companies a higher yield when compared to conventional marketing strategies.

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