Youtube is the leading video search engine that most people opt for. It has got all the fun, educational and business related videos. It is an internet giant that has got such an affinity among people in a very short time. Despite giving all the advantages to the mob it also has some annoying features in it. Some of the frustrating features of it are ads, having videos with less content but high rating.

It doesn’t even have an auto play option and no downloading option in it. It always tends to run in 360p and the comments posted by common people. To avoid all these problems chrome has some features in it which can be installed and use.

Ad block:

The ads in the video are annoying, sometime they have a skip option and sometimes not. So in order to remove them completely adblock is a great extension in google chrome.

Youtube Ratings Preview

It will set up a rating for Youtube videos in which it will have like and dislike buttons. Based upon the rating one can watch the videos.

Youtube Auto Replay

This is a handy key by which you can replay the video again instead of clicking the play button again once it is over. This is a looping system that makes the video play again.

Video Downloader

You don’t have to use a annoying download manager and copy the URL for downloading the video. Its just a click away for the video to be downloaded.

Auto Hd Videos

If you have a fast internet connection and you don’t want to view your videos in low quality. The Youtube can play your videos in direct HD mode by using this extension.

Whenever we come across a video in Youtube we would like to have it in Mp3 version. We find very difficult to convert it. Using Tube convertor you can easily Convert in mp3 format so that s the use of google chrome’s extension

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