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China and Japan are the two countries who highly involved in the manufacturing of fastest train. Not only these two countries France, German, Belgium also involved in this manufacture but they couldn’t able to reach the capability of China and Japan. The train name called CRH’S from China is the world’s fastest train run with the high speed of 302 kmph . This is indescribable speed of any transport in the world. Japan was the first nation to build a totally new and dedicated railway and network for its manufactured. For this type of fastest trains the railway tracks are made out from Brutal pounding and high carbon steels. Due to this it will reduce track shuddering and misalignment. China typically builds their high speed lines on elevated viaducts. These high speed railways mainly avoid sharp curves, which will reduce the speed limit. The cost of constructing this type train is highly pricey. The manufacturing cost is about US$15.1 million. These fastest trains are manufactured from the company called Alstom which is situated in Japan. These fastest trains are formerly running in many countries such as France, German, and Belgium etc. The company from china brook first in manufacturing of fastest trains. The company name called China South locomotive and Stock conglomerate limited. This locomotive is run by the Chinese Ministry of Railways.

The company get its attraction by building their trains with maximum of six to eight chair cars with full of air conditioning systems. Four kinds of power destination are used in these trains; the powers are Motor car, Trailer car, Driver car, and Pantograph. The coach present in this trains are Business class coach, First class coach, Second class coach, Dinning car and premier coach. The company manufactured this trains in the year of 2008.This company tested this train for the first journey from Beijing to Shanghai. THIS company terminated its full project in the year of 2009. From that generation till now this company manufacturing the fastest trains with the newest technology and equipment for the placate all the citizens from the world.

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