Common Uses of Lasers

The use of lasers in industrial settings has allowed for the production of more accurate, less expensive items. In that way, lasers have benefited all of us. Some of the specific ways that lasers are used in industry is for cutting and measuring. Here’s a brief overview of how lasers help to enhance those processes when they are used.

One of the more common uses of lasers in an industrial setting is for measuring. The wide range of laser measurement tools that are available make it possible for them to be used for almost any purpose. In some cases, the measuring tools are going to be handheld for use in the field. These types of laser measuring tools are often referred to as distance finders, digital measuring devices or electronic tape measures. Many of these devices use what is known as time of flight measurements. There are other ways to use lasers for measuring distances, including triangulation, which may be used over extremely short or very long distances. Laser measurement tools offer an accurate way for distances to be measured without having to come in contact with the objects that are being measured (Source:

Laser cutting is also a technology that is frequently used in an industrial setting. It cuts the material that is being worked by directing the laser to the surface, removing the material in a variety of ways. In some cases, it will burn or melt the material but in other cases, a jet of gas from the laser may blow the material from the area (Source: laser cutting from Coherent). In either case, laser cutting provides an accurate cut with an end product that is of high quality. It can be used on many different materials, including metals, plastics and fabrics.

Although many people think about the scientific use of lasers there are actually many other, practical uses of lasers that benefit all of us. They help in the manufacturing process of a number of items to produce an end product that is less expensive and is able to come to market quickly.

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