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Benjamin Franklin once said “Time is Money”. And there is simply no way you can’t deny this. Although some people are always up for a counter, most people have understood the essence of this epic quote. And, as most of them have understood the value of time, they are busy doing something productive.

Amidst this entire productive work people often miss entertainment- they really miss the epic thriller episodes, unforgettable derbies, live award shows and so many other things that are pretty awesome. Entertainment is a key factor in a human being’s life and without it, life would have been pretty much boring. The question is how to maintain that perfect balance?

The mobile TV…

It’s not possible to remain glued to the television for hours without doing anything. In that case you will be wasting your valuable time. Technology has improved exponentially over the last decade and practically many things are possible which seemed impossible a few decades back. So there are ways to keep up with your productive ventures and enjoy those unmissable TV shows. With the smartphone being a common piece of gadget these days, nexGTv allows you to watch more than 140 live tv channels so that you never miss any action.

How do they do it?

You are done with your job and you desperately want to see your favourite episode that’s up on the TV but you are not allowed to leave the office premises before time… So what are you going to do? These kind of problems are so common these days so it’s simply not possible to keep track of your preferred TV shows. What you can do is download the nexGTv app. This mobile app streams almost everything effortlessly that’s going on TV, so you don’t have to worry about payable websites tempting you to click on their links for live streaming.

With its availability at all platforms that include Android, Windows and iOS this app provides you ample choices. From trending videos to hot news, new movies and what not, everything is available with just a click.

See it whenever, wherever!!

Every time a video is released or some dubsmash compilation becomes errantly popular on the internet, it becomes a hot conversation topic for everyone. You need to find out what exactly the video is but opening your browser, finding the video or even getting the appropriate results is indeed a relatively time consuming process. But nexGTv’s sleek interface takes less than a few seconds to open, where you will find all the videos trending at the moment. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

The same goes for the Breaking News and the new movie releases. There is a major burglary five blocks away from your home or some amazing movie is releasing this weekend, keep yourself updated with the news that matter. You can even watch the Latest Movies on this app. So just download the nexGTv application on your smartphone and never miss anything that you like!!!

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