Many companies are swiftly making their way into the smartwatch market. It is expected that Microsoft will also follow the trend and enter into this market soon enough. There has been a speculation for a long period of time that Microsoft could be gearing up to produce a smartwatch. This will now only increase the competition in this brand new market.

Information gathered so far about this smartwatch

Surface Pro 3, the previous product released by Microsoft, was not such a success. This has made them even more determined to produce a product that will reach the customers. Some of the Microsoft employees have already said that Microsoft are developing a smartwatch that will be released by the end of October. However, no information is available on their price and the exact date of release, as of yet.

Expected features of the Microsoft smartwatch

Although there are too many unknowns about the Microsoft smartwatch certain features have been already confirmed or atleast are expected by the consumers. Unlike the other smartwatches such as LG G watch or Samsung Gear this watch will be slim and sleek in design. Another unique aspect of its design is that the dial or the display of this watch will be on the inside. This will give the watch a much more natural look. It will contain a built-in heart rate monitor which is a good feature to add. Like most of the Microsoft devices it will be cross-platform. This means that you can use it with another iOS or Android powered devices. They have also decided to add 11 sensors on this watch to make it function efficiently.

This is what you can expect from the Microsoft smartwatch at this point. However when the watch is released, you will find that it would do much more than what is mentioned here. With the entry of Microsoft, the competition in the smartwatch market is heating up.

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