Many Android wearable devices wear introduced this year at the annual Google conference I/O. In order to improve the quality and productivity of these wearables Google has introduced a set of apps. These apps which are aimed to enrich the user experience are now available in the Google Play Store.

About these apps

The Android wear app will allow to access any of your wearable like LG G watch or Samsung Gear Live and manage it. The interface and the mode of operation will depend on the brand of the wearable you use. These new apps which are available on Google Play Store has given another reason for people to buy the smartwatches. Before the release of these new line of electronics there was a concern on whether or not Google would be able to produce amazing apps to make these watches better. Google has now risen up to the challenge by introducing these new line of apps.

Android wearables that are to be shipped

There is also a speculation that the LG G watch will be shipped in another two days. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Live is expected to be shipped in before July 8 and will soon be available in retail shops. The LG G watch is priced at $229 while Samsung Gear Live will cost you around $199. In terms of user experience that is provided, both of these watches do not differ much.

Advantage of buying these Android wearables

Each user of an Android Wear will have access to certain types of functions that would enable you to receive alerts on your watch. Apart from this, the voice controlled action preferences are also available. At present only six apps have been launched in the Play Store. But many more apps are expected to be launched in the future. Hence Android fans and also others have every reason to buy these Android wearables once they make their way into retail stores.

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