Trend of using mobiles:

The most advanced and developing technology of today is mobile phones. Mobile brought up a large improvement on the people. The whole world will be considered to dump into a single mobile or a single box like structure. Mobile uses all sorts of technology to get the best output of it.

Purpose of mobiles:

It is a wireless technology where batteries are used as a form of energy. Mobile phones have brought vast changes among the people. The most important feature of using a mobile phone is for effective communication but people today is exploiting the mobile phones through proper use.

Uses of mobiles:

All classes ranging from high-class people to low class people use mobiles now days. The main use of mobiles is that it consists of various software capturing photos, games, the internet and other necessary application etc. Among these one interesting features is that Google map any one can trace us through GPS.

Current state of the people:

In a common survey conducted by the top most colleges, it is found that 90 % of the people are misusing mobiles. Today 60 % of accidents occur due to the carelessness of people driving through. They simply talk through mobiles even at the time of driving, whereas mostly women and children use mobiles whenever they cross the road. Another disadvantage of mobile phones is that fault people tend to trace unknown numbers & they make fake calls.

Useful device for today’s generation:

Even through mobiles, we used to sort out the problem of emergency for the people, yet our elders and our ancestors always discourage it. Today’s youth makes possible use out of mobile phones. In earlier days, the only source to use the internet was though the computer, but today we use through mobile phones and access the net. So even files can be transferred from one device to another via Bluetooth. Therefore, mobile phone is one of the developing technologies of recent times.

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