How to bring back your lost files post MAC hard drive failure

Reasons for Hard Disc Failure:                                             

MAC hard drives are used for storage of files. The failure of such system may increase the risk of your computer. It may be either due to ruinous disc failure or formatting of corrupted files or mechanical failures occurred in the system. Recovery of lost data is very essential.


Steps for Retrieving Lost Data:

  1. To resolve MAC hard disk failures we can adopt disk Utility. The utility is designed with all MAC systems and it can fix the issue of resolving disc failures such as Dvd’s, diskettes and so on.
  2. In order to run this tool, navigate your page to applications/utilities folder and double click the program that is displayed. Install DVD and run the tool after booting your MAC OS incase if the failed hard disk is the startup disc.
  3. The alternate way of bringing back the lost data is to choose the troubled hard drive from the left pane and select the first aid tab from the right panel of your screen.
  4. This gives you a better option for repairing your disc drive. At once after the selection of the startup disk, you can select verify disk permission or repair disk permission from the given option.

Alternate way of Repairing Hard Disks:

First verify the disk if it is a non-startup disk. Verifying of the disk will scan to selected drive and utilize the problems. Repair disks work with the problems issued by the verify disks. If this also does not solve your problem another way is to clone your failed hard drive. Cloning such MAC hard drives is very easy and it also uses disk utility to fix the issue. By cloning, you can attach the disk to other MAC and retrieve the data.

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