Counter strike is the game which is additional widespread in this contemporary world. The developer has on the rampage various versions to improve their standard in the gaming technology. The counter strike Go is the hottest and newest version which has various features of gaming. Counter strike go works in various platforms like windows, Xbox, PlayStation and steam. This game is normally designed for playing through LAN with various levels of player. And it can be played through online which numerous players around the world. The game is intended with special graphics which is very much worth for the game player. Here in the game there are two heads, terrorist side and counter terrorist. The game players can join any one of the part and battle. The terrorist will have to deposit the bomb over the arena of bombs site and the C.T will disseminate the bomb.

The counter strike source is released before the release of counter strike go. Counter strike source also designed with new graphical structure with the unique skins, But at the same time counter strike go has released with new segment of gaming mode. The counter strike Go is a massive triumph of the gaming world with the realistic and additional steam gaming. This game is played in all the seats worldwide due to the sophisticated tech, the online play of this game is like a battle in the combat arena. The counter strike Go is the platform for the gamers to show their skills and have power over. The game developers are receiving good review on the counter strike Go. The game rating is 84% where the worthy game does not need anything than the confident review. The special key of counter strike Go is, it can be played in all type of PCs and it is especially made for play station gaming.

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