How to Make Free Calls (online) From PC to Mobile

What if you could make free calls from your PC to your Mobile? Feeling wonder? If you have a strong broadband connection, it is possible to call your buddies anywhere in the world completely for free. Check out the following app to make free calls.

Make a free international call with Rebtel

Rebtel lets you to make a call and you can talk with anyone from anywhere in the world with the help of Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth. With Rebtel making abroad calls has become common like making normal phone calls. Rebtel offers a unique free calling service that can be used from any models of phone such as Smartphone, landline or iPhone or any other featured phone. 2.0 Rebtel is the latest version of the app that made the call facility ever easier than ever.

Make Free Internet Calls With VoIP

Make free internet calls with VoIP is very simple and easy especially if you have a Smartphone. No matter wherever you are at as you can make abroad called using VoIP which stands for voice over internet protocol. You can make a free call to your buddies those who use the same service. In short, VoIP is only free for calling people who also use VoIP. If you want to make free calls from your Smartphone, you can download the apps such as Skype, Viber and so on to those who uses the same service. If you want to make your calls through landline you need a £20+ adapter that plugs into your landline and broadband, which re-routes the calls.

Make Free Internet Calls With Nimbuzz

What if you could call people without worrying about the bill? That’s what Nimbuzz is all about. Make PC to mobile calls to anyone from anywhere in the world with Nimbuzz for free. Nimbuzz combines the power of the broadband connection and your phone communications as one and lets you to make free calls. If you have a Wi-Fi connection or a broadband connection, you can make free calls to people you want to speak.

These are the top three app to download to call anyone you want to reach without worrying about the mobile bill. Download it today and Make use it.

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