Aiming to Restore Accident Victims’ Lives with a Neck Lift

Some people turn to plastic surgery to feel better about their appearance, to give their self-esteem a boost. Other people turn to plastic surgery to have their face restored following a major automobile accident, fire, attack or major illness. In the latter case, a neck lift has helped clients to get their lives back on track.

Dallas Wiens, a man whose face was severely disfigured following a fire, is someone who has not only relied heavily on plastic surgery to restore his face, Wiens is the first person in the United States to receive a full facial transplant. While sharing his story at a news conference, Wiens expressed that, ” My entire life is a miracle,” according to Reporter News.

This type of plastic surgery is referred to as reconstructive surgery. Perhaps only the people who receive reconstructive surgery will fully know the value of plastic surgery when it’s used to repair the face following a tragedy. If skin in the throat area is tightened or given improved contouring, a plastic surgeon may use technology like a S-lift.

During this type of neck lift, excess skin is removed. For example, at New Look New Life fat might be removed from the area using suction. Tissues that are tightened include the connective and musculature tissues. Because a neck lift cannot be reversed, surgeons encourage their clients to think deeply, weighing all options and considerations, before getting the surgery.

For clients whose faces have been severely damaged due to an unnatural event, the choice might come easily. If these clients are having several surgeries performed in order to reconstruct more of their face, there’s a strong likelihood that they will be required to stay overnight at a medical facility. This is so surgeons can keep them under observation in a controlled environment.

A plastic surgeon connects her patient to an ECG machine and monitors the client’s heart throughout a neck lift. In addition to monitoring the client’s heart rate, an ECG allows a plastic surgeon to monitor a client’s blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse. After the neck lift is completed, stitches or staples may be used to close the incision.

Facial contouring or reconstructive work is strengthened by wearing a support garment. For example, a plastic surgeon might advise her client to wear a support garment for seven days after the neck lift. Better results could be experienced if clients wear the garment at night as well as during the day.

The neck lift operation itself can last for several hours. Each client is different. If the client’s connective tissue is healthy, the results of a neck lift could last for as long as 15 years. Clients who are good candidates for a neck lift are in general good health. This means they don’t have blood disorders or a metabolic disorder.

Furthermore, it is generally advisable that a client wait at least 10 years before getting a second neck lift. After getting a neck lift, clients are also encouraged to keep regular appointments with a plastic surgeon and general practitioner.

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This was contributed by Gary Thommes, a health writer and advocate from Brooklyn, NY.

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