Adam Kutner: Five Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in more serious injuries than comparable automobile collisions. The reduced degree of protection afforded by motorcycles can make any contact with another vehicle or with an obstacle in the roadway a deadly hazard. Additionally, because motorcycles present a smaller profile, they may not be visible to other drivers on the road until a collision is imminent. Motorcyclists can protect themselves against serious injury by keeping these five rules of the road in mind.

Be Visible

Although dark leather jackets and helmets may offer a great deal of fashion appeal, they can cause serious problems for motorcycle riders in twilight or dawn conditions. At night, headlights can provide adequate visibility for seeing and being seen. However, during dusk and early morning, the ambient light can make headlights less visible while accentuating the concealment provided by dark-colored clothing and accessories. Ensuring visibility during these critical dusk and dawn hours can help motorcyclists maintain a higher degree of safety on the road.

Be Aware

Staying alert and scanning the road ahead for any obstacles, slowdowns or other potential hazards can help motorcyclists avoid potential accidents. Logistics experts cite proactive and alert driving as the single most important factor in preventing highway accidents. By maintaining a watchful eye on road conditions, traffic speeds and other drivers, motorcyclists can often avoid potentially dangerous driving situations and reduce their risks of an accident.

Be Courteous

Courtesy is an important part of traffic safety and is especially important for motorcyclists. Providing advance warning of turns and lane changes allows other drivers enough time to accommodate these traffic moves more easily. Motorcyclists should maintain one lane of traffic rather than passing between two vehicles on the lane dividing line; this unsafe practice can lead to serious injury if one of the two cars shifts position within its own lane and traps the motorcyclist between the two vehicles. Practicing courteous driving habits can ensure a safer ride for everyone on the road.

Be Responsible

Proper motorcycle maintenance is necessary to ensure safe braking, steering and riding. Brake and tire wear can affect handling and increase the chance of accidents. Regular tune-ups and inspections can identify any potential safety issues before they become major hazards on the road. By taking responsibility for maintaining and caring for motorcycles properly, riders can ensure that these mechanical devices perform as expected in a wide range of driving conditions.

Wear a Helmet

Many states have helmet laws that require the use of these safety devices for all motorcycle operators and passengers. U.S. Department of Transportation-approved helmets can save lives by preventing catastrophic head and neck injuries in the event of a crash.

Even the most careful and consistent motorcycle operators may be the victims of automobile accidents. Personal injury lawyers like Adam Kutner can help Nevada motorcyclists obtain proper compensation for their injuries and damages by negotiating directly with insurance companies and representing their interests in any required legal proceedings. By seeking the help of a qualified attorney like Adam Kutner, Las Vegas residents can ensure that they receive a fair and equitable settlement for their personal injury claims.

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