3 Simple Tips to Follow When Starting a Blog

Blogging is certainly a good way to market your business or your ideas to other interested parties around the world. But before launching your blog, there are a few keynotes to check off your list, or else you’d be, like a has-been performer with a vague future in the entertainment industry, performing to an empty bar.

Here are some tips:

1. Find your niche topic.

Every project begins with a subject, and so it’s almost self-explanatory that before starting, you should already (ideally) have a niche topic formed in your mind.

  • Avoid saturated topics.

It’s not that you can’t make a blog based entirely on topics like making money from blogs, making money from online freelancing work and the like, it’s just that these are topics that have been present on the blogosphere for a long time already with their own established authorities. So if you plan on earning something from your blog, it might be a better idea to start fresh.           

  • If you’re not an expert, choose something that you’re genuinely interested in.           

Find a topic that is not saturated, but is relevant to the market. Preferably, the topic should be something you are an expert of or have much experience with, as this adds credibility to your blog.  Either way, this topic should matter to you, since you’ll be investing a lot of time writing about it.

2. Attend webinars and/or workshops.

You will need help out there. You will need guidance and advice from other blogging veterans that have slugged it out and made it enough to have the authority to hold webinars and workshops. These are events you’ll need not only for learning more but also for a little bit of networking.           

  • Learn, network, and train.

Learning with experts is a way for you to start connecting with would-be mentors, so before doing your blog launch, stock up on your training.

3. Build your network.

Find your potential audience in sites or forums that are relevant to the blog topic you have in mind. Identify your potential audience, and develop a relationship with them.           

  • Establish rapport and build your relationships.

Build your own network, active and engaged in discussions, even just through e-mails and various interest forums. Nurture a relationship with the like-minded people you will meet from these platforms and establish consistent communication with them.

  • Make use of your communication materials.

You don’t need to be glued to the Internet 24/7, but you need to be there when people from this network that you’re trying to build are reaching out to you. The best way to be passively connected 24/7 and yet being able to go about your other tasks is through a mobile Internet connection.

With a mobile connection, you don’t necessarily have to stay at home and in front of your computer screen. You can still see to your other daily tasks and be notified of new messages in your inbox or a reply to the forums and chat rooms you are a member of.

  • Invest in add-ons to your communication technology for superior performance.

Have a mobile repeater installed in your car to avoid signal shortage. Make use of a micro earpiece for your multitasking needs. These near-invisible earpieces can fit snugly in your ear and allow you to communicate in low whispers, so that if you’re working in a library, nothing can stop you from answering an important call while typing away on your laptop.

Final word

Blogging for business and/or promotion purposes is definitely an investment, not just of your time but also of your resources. For the first few to several months, you may be exceeding effort and even some money in order to establish your blog. As a word of caution, these first few to several months may not earn you anything in return. But if you do your preparation right, you might just launch your blog to an already interested and engaged audience, just waiting for you to start the show and share with them more of your content.

A full-time researcher for a reputable financial firm, Hazel Mae is also freelance writer who loves traveling and participating in cultural exchanges involving dance, music, aesthetics and literature.

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