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Think about how your warehouse currently operates? For any company that’s involved with picking the correct products and shipping them to their customers, the warehouse is the hub of your business.  Of course, it all starts when you receive an order, and from there time is usually of the essence. Having a warehouse that runs as efficiently as possible is vitally important. If mistakes are made, it can have a terrible affect on your reputation.

Bring Your Warehouse into the 21st Century

Many years ago, a warehouse would have to operate manually. This meant that people were relied upon to make sure the right products were picked, packaged, had the correct address labels on them and reached the customer in a timely manner. Not only that, stock levels were also dealt with in this way and this meant a higher rate of mistakes.

These days, we live in a very different world and there are many ways in which you can bring your warehouse into the 21st Century. Think about how you manage your stock levels. How you deal with incoming and outgoing goods, and how your products are picked? Smartphone applications can help to reduce the number of mistakes that happen, as well as increase productivity levels.

Bar-Coding a Technological Saviour

Gone are the days of clipboards and pens. Systems like this have been replaced with software applications, and one of the most popular is barcoding. Implementing something like this can change the way your warehouse operates. Imagine being able to simply pass a handheld device (like a Smartphone) over a barcode when an item is picked and everything-else is immediately updated.

It means with one flick of the hand, the press of a button (or swipe of the finger) all of your databases will be updated. There will be no more wondering why your paperwork stated you had 20 certain computer parts in stock only to find that when you come to fulfil a customers order, there are none. This point alone saves an inordinate amount of time and money.

Be the Most Efficient Company Out There

Given all the points mentioned above, think about how using a Smartphone app will help streamline the way your warehouse works. Receiving goods in will mean no more manual counting and ticking off boxes on a piece of paper. Everything you receive can be swiped and automatically added to your inventory. It works in exactly the same way when you send goods out. One swipe using a Smartphone app and the information is sent directly back so your stock levels are updated.

In fact an automated tool like this can help in all sorts of ways. You can produce central reports telling you which products sell best, daily or weekly reports telling you what products need to be ordered and best of all your staff will be able to do much more in a shorter space of time. Using technology like this is the way forward if you want to be the most efficient supply company out there!

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