Now You can have Internet Access without Wireless Technology. But how?

If it sounds unbelievable, then you can go for the Mifi broadband service as Mifi allows to have access the internet by wireless technology. It acts as a wi-fi hotspot and is available in many countries like United States, Canada and Mexico. It is indeed a reputed trademark brand where the mobile operator does the job of owning it and distributing the service.

How this Mifi works and is it easy?

It is at first connected to a cellular network and it has the capacity to distribute internet access to at least ten devices and even more if the connection is strong enough. Furthermore, the internet connection is totally interrupted so that when you are engrossed in any work, then the connection does not get switched off. In addition, it can work up to a maximum distance of 10mts that is 30 ft and then it will provide the connection to any device in which wi-fi can be enabled. This means that you can use the internet in computers, tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Therefore, it is very user friendly. It consists of a registered trademark, which makes this service even more popular than it already is.


The wireless Mifi is marketed in the countries like Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Qatar, Kuwait, and many more.

Functions of Mifi Series:

  • It performs SMS oriented messaging actions such as reading, writing, forwarding, sending and receiving messages like one can do in a mobile.
  • Data usage can be done in the home and roaming networks in an efficient and smooth manner without any sort of interruption.
  • Geosearch like the Google maps is an efficient GPS system in which you can have the map of the local area and search the area fully where you are present at the moment. You can search any place and you will get clear mappings on the display map.
  • Weather updates- You can get weather updates anytime and anywhere that you want.
  • Smooth running of internet access. If the network is full on then there will be no problems in working for hours on end.
  • This device allows a lot of clients to visit it as because it is accessible to cameras, gaming devices, gaming devices as well as multimedia players.
  • It is very easy to connect as you can connect it via a Micro – USB connection but in that case, it will be serving only a single client.
  • You can also start, stop and configure the MiFi DNA server, which makes it more convenient to use.
  • The cost of this service is nominal which is why everybody can afford it with perfect ease.

The best part about Mifi is its wireless technology. It is portable, the connection is strong and then the users are quite satisfied about its working manner, which is why it is gaining popularity with every passing day. So, what are you waiting for. Get connected to it now.

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