Webby awards are the awards which started in the year 1996 as an annual award distributor for the internet excellence for a wide range of categories. Blogging is the latest trend from the past decade and winning a award in that is not a easy job. The following are the websites who have won webby awards for their blogs in different aspects like quality, content and even design. These must be a very good lesson for the budding bloggers to know the toppers to learn a lot of things from these professional bloggers.

Best Business Blog: Mashable

This is an incredible website with almost fifty million page viewers each month. This blog fully contains only about the social media, technology and news. Few sections of the site also talks about entertainment, gadgets and business. What is so exciting about Mashable is that it always posts about the upcoming trend or at the beginning of the news. The news will be on the spot and very accurate. They will be the first to comment on some important happenings.

Best Political Blog: The New York Times “FiveThirtyEight”

This blog is rich with knowledge and its very good to read through. It is sometime very entertaining, dynamic and critical. It has great writing with a blend of accurate content to make it a successful one.

Best Cultural Blog: Mental-Floss

This blog contains full of cultural and trending topics to grab the readers. It engages people to this site by having them stay tuned with actions. It will have daily sets of questions and prompt responses. Some puzzles, news and games trigger the interest among people.

Best Personal Blog or Website: I’m a Project Manager (

The caption of the blog itself is itself a simple and attractive to the viewers who enter the blog for the first time. The layout of the site is easy to handle and very simple. It has colors and logos to show artistic skills. It doesn’t need any flash or a developer for looking exotic

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