Windows 10 S Devices Will Be Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro: Microsoft Reveals New Deadline For Free Windows 10 Pro Upgrade


Microsoft is adding three more months to the period during which customers purchasing Windows 10 S devices will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free. Microsoft is giving Windows 10 S users a bit more time to decide whether they want to Windows 10 Pro upgrade. The upgrade time is on March 31 2018, with Microsoft hoping it “provides increased flexibility for those people searching for the perfect back-to-school or holiday gift”.

Windows 10 S is a new version of Windows 10 that is planned as a low-cost solution especially for the Education segment. It is a restricted version of Windows 10 that supports only apps from the Store and not legacy programs. The Operating System comes with limitations: you can only load applications from Microsoft’s private Store and Edge is the default browser.

Even if Microsoft’s store admits other browsers, “Edge or IE” will remain the default apps for opening “.htm files” and “. Bing” is the default search engine in “Edge”, “IE” and there is no option to exchange. Microsoft officials are head-over-heels this version of Windows 10 as being safer, well-organized, and well performance than other Windows 10 variants.

To attract the users to give Windows 10 S a try, Microsoft add a choice to let them to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, if they decided they needed applications that weren’t presented in the Store. Windows 10 S made its debut with Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, offering a slimmed-down OS that only runs apps found in the Windows Store, meaning users can immediately benefit from the massive range of software Windows usually supports.

The idea behind the Windows 10 S was to provide a lightweight operating system for students to quickly get started with, though with the Surface Laptop Microsoft offered an immediate upgrade to Windows 10 Pro should its customers want to dive straight into the Windows world. Regardless of whether the people choose to switch with Windows 10 S or Windows 10 Pro upgrade, Microsoft still develops them into its Windows ecosystem, even if the previous Operating System may not be quite as popular as Microsoft had first hoped.

Operators who have received a device with Windows 10 S have three months to evaluate the device and Windows 10 Pro upgrade should Windows 10 S fail to meet their expectations or requirements. Since it seems likely that many devices with Windows 10 S will be sold around December, it makes sense to extend the deadline to give these users ample time to make a decision.


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