Volkswagen e-Golf is the ultimate stealthy electric car


With a standard hatchback, this car looks combined together with the pure-electric driving experience. Volkswagen’s new e-Golf is just suited for the bag. The time the likes of BMW’s radical i3 screams ‘EV’ from carbon-fiber top to aluminum tail, this e-Golf looks like any other Golf. It is sporty. Exclusive of some subtle badging and wheel design, nobody will ever know from outside that Golf is pure-electric and is powered by lithium cells.

The same goes for the cabins which tend to stay away regarding the transition from combustion to battery electric. This car is all electric. The reason being, it is based on e-Golf like all other Golf’s, on Volkswagen’s clever MQB architecture. It has been conceived from day one that it will allow all kinds of power sources. This implies, e-Golf’s lithium b battery is fully integrated into the chassis floor rather than being a big burden on the back.

It comes with an 115hp motor which is electric and a 24KWh lithium battery pack. It weighs 1,510kgs and has an official NEDC range of 118 miles and starts at $25,845 in the UK and $36,265 in the USA. Performance-wise, this car is ranging from zero to 62mph in 10.4 seconds and a top speed limited to 87mph. There is a very little noise from the power train and the body structure is found to be very rigid. It is the lack of engine noises that makes all the other sounds stand out.

It is mounted in the chassis floor which is the reason why it is a very low overall center of gravity. The sheer weight of the car also helps to settle the e-Golf’s ride which gives it the step of a larger car but in a very tremendous way. The car is certainly isn’t for everyone but it is not even close to being pointless.


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