Using Content Marketing To Grow Your Business: Best Practices and Tips


The world of content marketing is evolving at a rapid pace due to the amount of content that people view on a daily basis. Smartphones and other mobile devices constantly give people content to read, view, or listen to. For this reason consumers have started to be more discerning about the content they spend their time absorbing. Content has never been more important especially with the introduction of influencer marketing. An influencer endorsing a product can be enough in some cases but usually the content on a blog post or social media post has to convince the reader to buy or at least visit the website. The following are best practices for growing your business via content marketing.

Social Media Should Promote As Well As Engage

Social media being a free platform is perfect for businesses that might not have a huge marketing budget. Social media should be used to promote content written by your company via a guest post or on the company blog. This can be used to engage with followers as well as interact with other businesses in the industry. Creating a relationship via social media can make a transition into a business relationship quite quickly. These platforms can also be great for customer service as people tend to tweet or post on Facebook rather than calling a business they are unhappy with. Build a following and make sure to avoid pure promotion as this can lead to a unfollow from a potential client as it can seem desperate. Constantly promoting the business can be annoying as well as social media posts constantly advertising are like written commercials.

Research Successful Articles Published Recently in Your Industry

Take the time to see some of the most successful articles published in your industry judged by social shares. This can be a great place to find out what types of content people are responding to. Roundups of these posts are done in many industries so this can be a great place to start. Do not simply rewrite one of these articles with a different spin but rather find the format that works. This could be a list of things, data driven analysis, or many other things. Every industry has different ways of processing information so in data driven industries it could be wise to opt for a digital media piece visualizing the data rather than written in article form.

Stay Consistent With Brand Voice and Message

There are some brands that run a plethora of websites as it covers another part of their business. Shared hosting can be done here and linking these sites is important. Keeping the brand message consistent across all channels is important as contradicting messages can confuse or dissuade potential clients from signing a contract. Some brands have a more casual brand voice as there are simply some industries where this is preferable. More serious industries like that of finance will have a more serious tone as people take their money very seriously.

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Type of Content

Trying out new types of content can surprise the marketing team with the success of a particular type. Podcasts have become quite popular as the listeners can tweet directly to a live podcast and have a question answered or voice an opinion. This can be done with a hashtag that is custom to this specific podcast. Video is rapidly becoming the favorite way of many to consume content. This does not mean that you have to repeatedly pay video production companies but rather come up with a concept then execute. Average camera work can be forgiven if the content spoken about is engaging. Track how much each piece of content costs then track the ROI of the specific piece to come up with a budget friendly editorial calendar.

Content marketing is only going to head in the direction of higher quality content at an ultra-targeted audience. A business can grow immensely from the right content marketing strategy via leads from SEO efforts. Being viewed as a company that has great knowledge on a particular subject can also help close sales. Establish the business as a leader in the industry when it comes to content and the sales will follow.


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