What does anti-virus really mean? Oxford dictionary says its software designed to find and destroy the computer viruses. But I don’t know why all these software include so many things like memory boosting, tune up utilities and so many unwanted tweaks. Today we are up to the real antivirus software which makes computer clean and effort also simple.

1.Bit defender Antivirus plus

2. Kaspersky Antivirus

Actually I forgot mention a thing which I used to get all the times, is there any free antivirus program that compete these above listed company. For all you people out there are free antivirus which can make your pc better ex. Microsoft security Essentials and many more. It’s worth when you are using it for home pc and Laptops. Now we will see little deeper about speciality in these top three anti-viruses, Bit defender took the place in number 1 has scored 96.8/100.00. They provide online free technical support for the product 24/7. User interface is simple, doesn’t confusing the end user by providing so much of information, Thus it scores high and the score for protection is score for 99.25/100. I have self examined.
According professional users of Kaspersky, the rating was all about in the new threats, It even finds out the detection of new threats at a cent percent rate success. The single thing which makes the consumers not to prefer Kaspersky is price; people often look for lesser prices than going for higher end. They forgot to see in Kaspersky that provide three years users license. Well now the scores for Kaspersky is 95.15/100.00 in the user interface, how fast the user can adapt to the scenarios of Kaspersky, update, features, technical support and registration at the beginning. The score for protection is 99.25/100, the same score as the Bit defender antivirus plus.
For the professional users I prefer the Bit defender antivirus plus, which has so many features than any other antivirus , easy to update , simple user interface and most important of simple system usage. Doesn’t make your system lag due to the anti-virus.


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