The Macbook or the Ultrabook: Which is a Better Option for You?


What do you think would be the best laptop for you? With the introduction of two of the most unique and state of the art laptops, it is indeed extremely hard to decide which one would suit you best. Produced and manufactured by the world’s most successful brands, the Macbook and the Ultrabook are two of the best next generation gadgets. Here is an insight into these two amazing creations.

Macbook: This brand of notebooks is manufactured by the ever so famous Apple Inc. The first ever Macbook was released in 2006 in black and white and was aimed at consumer and educational markets. It was one of the most famous and highly sold notebooks of that time. With its excellent wide display and Intel Core Duo processor along with the integrated graphics chipset, this dynamic portable machine was a hit. Other versions of this gadget are the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. The key feature of these machines was its illuminated keyboards. All the lid covers of these notebooks were connected by just the use of magnets. No metal latches and clamps were used. Offering the highest and best graphics, this notebook provides a retina display with 2880×1800 screen resolution. Depending on the size of the display the screen resolution differed. The Macbook Pro also comes with a matte display as well for its 15 inch screens. The storage and CPU specifications varied according to the model and the prices of the notebooks in the Macbook family are fairly reasonable according to the specifications. User reviews stated that they were the best laptops that have been introduced, with its good quality, performance and budget.

Ultrabook: considered as the most stylish and slimmest notebook manufactured by Intel, this gadget is specially designed to meet every user’s requirements without comprising its battery life and performance capability. Due to it being so slim and sleek, there are no disc drives available in this machine. With very similar specifications to the Macbook Air, the Ultrabook uses low powered Intel core processors. There are three different platforms for the Ultrabook. The “Huron River”, “Chief River” and “Shark Bay” There are no Ethernet ports available in the Ultrabook due to its slim size. The average thickness of this notebook is approximately 0.8 inches and according to Intel, it can even incorporate the basic features of a tablet, like being touch screen and have a longer battery support. There are a large number of various Ultrabook manufacturers in the market today, who are trying to compete with the Macbook. Even though the Ultrabook was known as the slimmest and lightest notebook ever, the Macbook Air was still considered the best. With the development of each platform, the latest platform of the Ultrabook has some of the best features in the market today at very affordable prices. Companies like Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo etc have brought about different kinds of Ultrabook’s that would give each and every consumer many options to choose from.

Macbook versus Ultrabook: even though there are many advantages and disadvantages of both notebooks, the Macbook has definitely taken the market by storm and has made Apple the leading notebook and laptop selling company today.

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