Ten Reasons to Use an IP Camera


Small and large business owners agree that protecting their property is of utmost importance. Although theft and burglary will always exist, new technologies make catching these devious activities easier.  Internet protocol cameras are one of the most efficient and effective tools in securing your business investment. Here are a few reasons why they are so beneficial.

1.High Resolution

By using digital technology and progressive scanning, IP camera devices offer approximately 25% higher resolution than traditional analog cameras. There are several varieties of IP cameras. One type of IP camera is megapixels, which delivers amazing high-definition images.

2.Easy to Use

Internet protocol cameras are user-friendly. Whether you are a first-time user or a computer expert, you can easily learn how to use the IP system. Scrolling through captured footage is sometimes as simple as clicking your computer mouse.

3.Regular Updates

In order to keep up with technological advancements, Internet protocol cameras are consistently updated to newer versions. New interfaces and connection capabilities keep the camera from getting outdated.

4.Strict Intelligence

The newest IP video software systems are able to record events in real time, alerting you to suspicious criminal activity as it happens. They also contain an intelligence system allowing you to bypass matters that don’t need your immediate attention.

5.Lower Cost of Use

Traditional analog cameras use up to three cables for audio, video, and power on every camera. IP video surveillance systems use one network cable to transmit everything, and a single network cable can service up to 10 cameras. This can save your company a significant amount of money in costly cable and wiring expenses.


While some surveillance systems fail or can be manipulated by criminals, IP video systems have proven to be reliable in most situations. When you use IP security cameras, you can be sure that your business will have secure footage of your property at all times.

7.System Integration

IP systems can be integrated with other security devices such as alarm systems and lighting and access controls. Manufacturers are teaming up to allow multi-product compatibility across different brands. You can program your IP to turn on lighting, sound alarms, or lock the doors when an intruder is present.

8.Secure Transmissions

Viewing your footage across the World Wide Web does not mean that everyone will have access to your data. You can be sure that all of your information is secure and safe because it is all encrypted within your businesses system.

9.Gain Access From Anywhere

You can access your footage from anywhere with Internet access. This affords business owners extreme flexibility. You no longer have to worry about your business being in good hands once you leave for the week. Simply keep an eye on it yourself with your Internet camera.

10.Cost Effectiveness

Considering how effective and efficient the usage of IP video surveillance has become, it might be surprising to find it available for a lower cost than a traditional analog surveillance system. However, it is not as much of a surprise when the cheaper cables and ability to update are taken into account.

Purchasing an IP video system for your home or business is a great investment. It affords property owners a peace of mind while saving them money.



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